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Cash Only Bonds

In some cases a Judge will order an inmate be held on a "cash-only bond" cash bonds can sometimes be very difficult to obtain, but at PMSAZ Bail Bonds that is NOT the case! We offer cash bonds in nearly any size at a very competitive rate!

Do you not have the full amount of cash available to post a cash-only bond?

If you are like most people you probably don't have the cash laying around to pay for a cash only bond in full. With collateral and a 20% premium we can post a cash-only bond for you in nearly any size. This means you will only have to come up with 20% of the cash and we will put up the other 80%*!

Do you have the full amount of cash available and are considering posting the bond yourself at that jail?

If that is the case please be aware that many times the courts will take your money and apply it twords any fines or fees the defendant owes the court and there is a very good chance you will not see your money back at all. Also, the lines to post a bond at the Jail can be very long as attorneys, police, and bondsman have priority and skip to the front of the line, many times people will have to wait hours just to post a bond.

If you would like to avoid that hassle we can post your cash bond for you and give you a much better chance of getting your money back, as a bond company we are only securing the defendants appearance in court and in most cases the court is NOT ALLOWED TO KEEP THE MONEY!

Our office is steps from the bonds and fines window at the 4th Ave jail and you can bring us your cash and for a small service fee, we will walk to the front of the line, post the bond for you, and almost always insure that your money is not held to pay any fines or fees the defendant may owe the court.

If you still want to post the bond yourself or are ok with the courts keeping your money please keep in mind that the jail only accepts CASH, they do not accept checks, credit cards, debit cards, etc. Also be aware, the jail will NOT accept $100 bills under and circumstance.

*restrictions apply. Contact us for details.